As we near the end of 2022, it’s time to reflect on some of the standout moments and trends in the Santa Barbara wedding industry this year. From creative decor to innovative catering options, here are some of the highlights from the local wedding scene.

Sustainability was in focus: More and more couples this year sought eco-friendly options for their weddings, including using biodegradable confetti, choosing local, organic foods, and recycling and composting wherever possible.

A rise in intimate weddings: Due to the ongoing pandemic, many couples opted for smaller, more intimate weddings in 2022. This trend led to a rise in micro-weddings and elopements, which often featured unique and personalized touches.

Creative decor: This year’s weddings saw a shift towards creative, unique decor elements, with many couples opting for bold color schemes, unexpected floral arrangements, and unique lighting fixtures.

Food stations: Food stations and interactive food experiences were all the rage in 2022. Couples offered everything from DIY dessert bars to sushi stations, allowing guests to customize their dining experience.

Virtual elements: Many couples added virtual elements to their weddings, allowing faraway friends and family to attend virtually. This included live-streamed ceremonies, virtual guestbooks, and even photo booths with digital downloads.

Overall, 2022 was a year of creativity, sustainability, and innovation in the Santa Barbara wedding industry. We can’t wait to see what exciting trends and moments 2023 will bring!

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