Your wedding day is a celebration of love and commitment, and what better way to commemorate your special day than by giving your guests a meaningful and unique wedding favor that captures the essence of Santa Barbara? From delicious treats to handmade crafts, there are plenty of local wedding favors to choose from that will make your guests feel appreciated and connected to the beauty of this coastal paradise. Here are the top 7 local wedding favors to incorporate into your Santa Barbara wedding.

Olive Oil
Santa Barbara is famous for its olive oil, so why not share the love with your guests? Consider gifting them with a small bottle of locally produced olive oil. You can even personalize the bottles with your wedding date and names.

With so many incredible wineries in Santa Barbara, it’s no surprise that wine is a popular wedding favor. Choose your favorite local wine and present it to your guests in a personalized wine glass or bottle.

Succulents are a symbol of resilience and beauty, just like your love story. Give your guests a living reminder of your special day with a potted succulent that they can take home and plant in their own garden.

Artisanal Soap
Santa Barbara is known for its artisanal soap makers, who use natural ingredients to create luxurious soaps in a variety of scents. Your guests will love taking home a bar of locally made soap as a wedding favor.

Beach Tote Bag
For a beach or coastal wedding, consider giving your guests a stylish tote bag that they can use to carry their essentials to the beach or around town. Look for locally made bags that feature Santa Barbara landmarks or beachy designs.

Handmade Ceramic Dish
Santa Barbara has a thriving ceramics community, and you can support local artists by gifting your guests with a handmade ceramic dish. These can be personalized with your wedding date or initials.

Santa Barbara is home to several artisanal chocolatiers who create delicious and beautiful chocolates using locally sourced ingredients. Give your guests a taste of the local chocolate scene with a small box of truffles or chocolate bars.

Incorporating these local wedding favors into your Santa Barbara wedding will not only show your guests your appreciation, but it will also showcase the unique and beautiful aspects of this coastal paradise.

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