Your wedding day is quickly approaching, and you’re excitedly ticking off items on your wedding checklist. Amidst all the wedding planning and preparations, don’t forget about one important task: writing thank you notes. Sending thank you notes is a time-honored tradition that should not be overlooked.

Here are some reasons why thank you notes are important, both before and after your wedding day:

Show appreciation for pre-wedding gifts and support: As soon as you get engaged, you may start receiving engagement gifts, bridal shower gifts, and other forms of support from friends and family. Writing a thank you note is a way to show appreciation for their kindness and generosity.

Acknowledge wedding day contributions: Your wedding day wouldn’t be possible without the help of many people, including your bridal party, parents, and vendors. A thoughtful thank you note can go a long way in expressing gratitude for their contributions to your special day.

Express gratitude for post-wedding gifts and well wishes: After the wedding, you’ll likely receive additional gifts and well wishes from guests who weren’t able to attend. Sending a thank you note shows your appreciation and lets them know that their thoughts were received.

It’s the polite thing to do: Etiquette experts agree that sending thank you notes is a must. It’s a way to show gratitude and respect for others, and it’s considered good manners.

When it comes to writing thank you notes, there are a few tips to keep in mind. Be sure to personalize each note and mention specific gifts or contributions. Use quality stationery and legible handwriting. And finally, don’t procrastinate! Start writing your thank you notes as soon as possible after receiving gifts or contributions, and aim to have them all sent within three months of your wedding day.

Don’t overlook the importance of sending thank you notes before and after your wedding day. It’s a small gesture that goes a long way in showing appreciation and gratitude for those who have supported you throughout your wedding journey.

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